Many people see the kitchen as the main room and want to create a room which is both stylish and functional. One of the main features of the kitchen is obviously the stove and an excellent choice if you are looking to purchase one of these is a Maytag Range. Maytag ranges come in a number of different models and a number of styles, that most people should be able to find one that will match their kitchen d├ęcor.

The selection of Maytag ranges runs to 29 models and they have stove types for both gas fuel and electric. These are manufactured and finished to the highest standards and will look good in any kitchen. The electric range selection offers 16 models and these can be purchased as drop-in, freestanding or slide-in types. Prices vary from $800 for the MER7662WS 30″ self-cleaning freestanding electric range up to $2200 for the MES5875BAS slide-in electric range.

They are practical to use and include all the standard features required of a cooker maytag stove and oven repair pasadena. This includes functions such as dual option elements which are powerful enough for stir fry cooking and shatter resistant cook tops which are durable and long lasting. Some also have keep warm and delay settings that you can prepare your meals to suit your schedule.

The gas ranges that Maytag manufactures vary in price from $750 at the lower end for the MGR7661WS self-cleaning freestanding range up to $2050 for the more expensive MGS5875BDS slide-in range. The Maytag gas ranges also include many great features including even air convection cooking, precision touch controls and separate upper and lower oven displays. The features available on both the electric and gas models make them easy to use and simple to understand.

All the ranges by Maytag come in a variety of colors which include white, black, bisque and a stainless steel finish. The ranges also come in two widths these being 29 inches and 30 inches. If you are looking for a new stove or want to replace your old model then a Maytag range can be a practical and affordable choice. With ranges for both electric and gas fuel types and a selection that includes 29 models a Maytag range will look good in your kitchen and make your cooking life easier.

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