Think of the most important thing in the kitchen….. You are right it’s the fridge, more commonly known as the ‘icebox’ or refrigerator if you want the more old school name. The fridge is one of the most relied on and trusted appliances in households. It keeps the drinks and food chilled and the ice cream and peas frozen. Over time refrigerators have gone through a major makeover. In the beginning it was the minimalistic ‘icebox’ containing one or two compartments. Now, the present day fridge is mulch-functional, very sophisticated and extremely design savvy.

While economical and simple refrigerators with limited features are still available to purchase, most manufacturers are creating fridges much bigger and better. These modern fridges are decked out with endless extra features. These features can range from upgraded exterior finishes to flexible shelving. Creative alternatives on interior storage and fridge technology have also been designed lg refrigerator repair pasadena.

Refrigerator Design The most recent trends in refrigerator design reflect an obvious change in consumers’ preferences and demands. Today’s fridge lovers want more convenience and performance features in their refrigerators. A more attractive looking refrigerator is desired as well as flexible food storage options and the choice of storage refrigerator layout (side-by-side, top freezer, bottom freezer or counter depth).

Due to environmental issues regarding rising energy costs, consumers are also more interested in purchasing energy-efficient refrigerators that will help them minimize their carbon footprint and reduce their monthly electricity bill.

The most sophisticated fridges on the market have been outfitted with some new features this year. With some top-of-the-line fridge/freezer models, the top-freezer refrigerators offer either an internal or a through-the-door water delivery system. And then there are the improved side-by-side models, where the refrigerator and freezer are in side-by-side compartments.

The technology used with this is the through-the-door ice and water delivery systems complete with computer screens for easy programming. Alternatively they might be offered a removable/portable ice bucket. There are fridges available with the bottom-freezer refrigerators, offering through-the-door water delivery as well.

Growing in popularity in bottom-freezer refrigerators is the French door design. The fresh foods and frozen compartment are both accessible with conjoining double doors, so you are able to open just one of the doors to store or retrieve food. Some French door bottom-freezer refrigerators are now equipped with a “smart seal,” a vertical panel that allows the doors to seal tightly, stopping the two door seals rubbing together, which can be a problem for some. The fridge is constantly being improved and developed by designers and manufacturers strive to create the most energy-efficient and feature-rich refrigerators possible.

Refrigerator Layout The fridge and freezer combination also known as the ‘Side-by-Side’ refrigerator comes with a large freezer capacity and a convenient and functional layout. It is one of the most popular refrigerator models. There are some downsides to this large and appealing model. It’s one of the least energy efficient designs and with most manufacturers offering the exciting through-the-door ice maker/water dispenser it ends up being the most frequent cause of repair for these models.

It has been found that the top-freezer refrigerators are ranked second in popularity. Usually these fridges offer freezers smaller in size than side-by-sides. The freezer is at eye level above the fridge therefor putting the refrigerator at a lower and less convenient place. Top-freezer models are more reasonable in price and less expensive than the side-by-side refrigerators. One bonus of the top-freezer models is that the freezer compartment is more likely to be able to hold very large horizontal items like pizza boxes and birthday cakes than the sometimes narrow side-by-side design.

The bottom-freezer refrigerators are becoming more popular. But manufacturers usually have a limited variety of this type of model and can only offer one or two models at most. These refrigerators with bottom freezers are the most energy-efficient, and are designed to place the frequently used part of the refrigerator directly at eye level. For an added bonus the freezer compartments on these models are larger than for top-freezer models. The lift-out baskets and sliding shelves in these freezers are what makes it easier for all people to reach their frozen foods. And like most fridges the freezer doors swing open like the refrigerator doors.

Built-in refrigerators are the more aesthetic fridge. The function of this range is to blend into the theme and look of the kitchen. Built-ins as offered as shallower versions of their other models to fit in with cabinetry. It is common that they are wider than other refrigerators to make up for the space they lose in depth. They are customized to fit the specifications of the buyer and the kitchen. The refrigerator is coordinated with similar cabinets by adding custom-made panels that can be added to the refrigerator’s facade. Some built-ins are left unfinished on the sides and top as they are not exposed.

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