There are some interesting tips that could help you with choosing the right types of hand dryers. There is plenty of variety available in the market, which makes it more important for you to understand what you are buying. It isn’t uncommon to find these dryers in restrooms only to leave people wiping their hands eventually on their pants. Hence, you need to really consider what you need and accordingly choose a dryer. There are some models in the market, which operate on 110 to 120 volts and usually dry your hands in 45 seconds. If you buy a dryer of low rating, a person might have to wait till eternity to dry his or her hands. People, especially those working in offices, don’t have the patience or inclination to stand so long with their hands under the dryers. Obviously it is important to have a dryer that is able to provide the right combination of heat and air blast.

A lot of people go for touch free hand dryers as opposed to push button dryers dryer repair los angeles. This is actually a very smart move. This way, those who are obsessed with hygiene can stop fretting about pushing the same button that a lot of other people would have used prior to them. Touch free dryers usually have infrared sensors that are capable of sensing when a hand is within close range. They start operating automatically. Some dryers are programmed to give out a blast of air for 30 – 45 seconds after which they stop automatically. There could be some problem with that as most people might not stand there for so long and the hand dryer operating for no reason could be a waste of energy.

When you are purchasing automatic hand dryers instead of manual models, you need to be careful about the warranty that comes along with the gadgets. Some units come with a great warranty period extending over 10 years. This could prove useful in the long run saving up to 75% of the supply costs for paper towels. But anything automatic is likely to have faults and break-downs from time to time. That is the reason you need to look for a good warranty period, so that you can get free service. It is important to note how long it would take for the professionals for the company to come down and repair your hand dryer. You wouldn’t want a broken dryer in a public restroom for long and if it is in an office, it could annoy more than a few people.

When you are purchasing hand dryers, you would invariably get free installation service. For public restrooms you need to pick something that is not only robust but also vandal proof. Rugged and rough use is likely for such dryers. The cost of operating the dryer could go up if it has a very high wattage. That is the reason you should look for an energy efficient dryers which are also environment friendly. Make sure that the dryer doesn’t make too much noise either.


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